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2014-2016 University of California, San Diego


Grants & Awards 

2016 - Class Project Grant 

2016- Departmental Honors

2015 - Russell Grant 

2010 - Excellence in Visual Arts


Exhibitions & Festivals

2014- "Colorful Babes"

2016 - "Disoriented" - Solo Exhibition 

2016- University Art Gallery 



2016 - "Triton to Watch: Arpie Shekoyan"

Arpie Shekoyan

Los Angeles, CA

Shekoyan works primarily in 2-dimensional painting and collage making. Upon pursuing her Studio Art degree at the University of California, San Diego, her work has centered around topics such as "Orientalism" and the colonial gaze. Influenced by authors such as Edward Said, she appropriates influential works accomplished during Romantic Era by artists such as Delacroix. By use of craft materials as a way to allude to high and low art, Shekoyan establishes a dialogue between the East and West, and abstracting these private spaces that are often exotified by the Western gaze. It is also a way for her to navigate through lack of cultural records and history due to the diaspora and dispossession of land and heritage.


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